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yohn Milton 


yohn Milton 


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' ^\^^ 



During the preparation on the Essays on Miltonj 
published by the Yale University Press in 1914, the 
author gathered for his own use most of the material 
embraced in this bibliography. The compilation 
proved of assistance to him, and it may be serviceable 
to others who wish to study Milton's works in con- 
nection with the literary traditions or the contro- 
versies that colored or even directly evoked them. 
In the bibliography the material has first been organ- 
ized topically; then, under each heading, the titles 
are arranged chronologically, that the historical de- 
velopment of Miltonic criticism may be made clear. 
Whatever difficulty such an arrangement causes will 
be obviated, it is hoped, by the Table of Contents 
and the Index of Names. In many cases, after the 
date of first publication, some good modern edition 
has been noted. But in this respect, as well as in 
the listing of articles from the magazines, the bib- 
liography is frankly selective rather than complete. 
It aims, however, to include all the most important 
books and articles that bear upon the separate topics, 
and so to furnish the student an adequate outline- 
guide for the study of Milton and the period in which 
h^ lived. For help and encouragement in his work 
the compiler owes much to Professor Charles G. 
Osgood, of Princeton.. University . 

Iowa City, Iowa, January 20, 1916. 









Autobiographical Material 3 

Contemporary Biography 4 

Chief Later Biography 5 

Portraits of Milton 6 


London in Milton's Time 7 

General Histories 7 

Diaries, etc 8 

Drama 9 

Parentage 10 

Cultural Influences xo 

Thomas Young, the Tutor 10 

Literary Interests 10 

Musical Interests xo 


At St. Paul's School 11 

English Schools of the Seventeenth Century 11 

Autobiographical References 12 

General References . . . .- X2 

At Cambridge la 

Cambridge in Milton's Time 12 

Autobiographical References 12 

General References *. 13 

Milton's Cambridge Exercises 13 

At Horton 13 

Through Travel X3 

Travel in the Seventeenth Century 13 

viii Contents 

Autobiographical References 14 

Miscellaneous References 15 


Manuscript Copies. 15 

First Editions 16 

Chief Later Editions 17 

Individual Poems 18 

Psalms 1 14 and 136 18 

On Shakespeare . - 18 

—Ode on the Morning of Christ's Nativity 18 

L' Allegro and II Penseroso 19. 

Editions 19 

Sources 19 

Criticism 20 

Arcades 20 

-- CoMUS 21 

Editions 21 

The Masque as a Dramatic Type 21 

University Plays 22 

Milton's Dramatic Interests 23 

Occasion 24 

Sources 24 

Criticism 25 

Miscellaneous z6 

— Lycidas 26 

Editions 26 

The Elegy as a Type of Poetry 26 

Occasion 27 

Sources and Criticism 27 

Collateral Reading 28 

Latin and Italian Poems 29 

Editions 29 

Criticism 29 

References to Charies Diodati 30 


Seventeenth-Century Pedagogy 30 

Milton's Experience as a Teacher 31 

Contents ix 

Educational Writings 31 

Titles 31 

Criticism . 32 


General Histories 33 

Contemporary Records 36 


In the Arbiy 38 

In the Church 39 

In Parliament 39 

In Literature 39 


Early Tracts 40 

Tracts of the Smectymnuan Controversy 41 

Milton's Later Tracts 41 

Criticism 42 


Christian Doctrine 43 

Criticism 43 


Titles 44 

Milton's Marriage 44 

Replies from Opponents 44 

Criticism 44 


Editions 45 

The Theory of Toleration 45 

General References 45 

Contemporary Sources 46 

The Licensing of the Press 48 

Criticism 49 


Titles 49 

AuTa)RSHiP OF EiKON Basilike 51 



Theory of Kingship and State S3 

General Histories 53 


Chief Sources of Milton's Theory 54 | 

Criticism $$ 


Appointment and Duties $6 

Documents 56 



Translations 58 

Sonnets * . 58 

Editions 59 

The Sonnet 59 

Criticism 59 






Social Life in London 60 t 

Proceedings against Milton 61 



Editions 62 

Growth of Milton's Plans 62 

Theory of Epic Poetry 63 

Classical Theory 63 

Renaissance Theory 63 

French and English Theory 64 

Later Crirical Theory 64 

Sources 65 

Criticism 72 


Editions 76 

Sources 76 

Criticism 77 


Editions 78 

Criticism . 78 

As AN Oratorio 79 

Contents xi 


Srammar 79 


Versification 81 





« • « < 

' .. ' ri 8 ^j' -i- 




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. 2 Topical Bibliography of Milton 

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MiJtQO^-: Neiir rYorfc 1907. 


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The arrangement of this work has beeen slightly altered in later 
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Globe series. 

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Autobiographical Material 

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Autobiography of John Milton: or Milton's 
life in his own words. London, 1872. 


4 Topical Bibliography of Milton 

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Contemporary Biography 

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EngL Hist, i?., Jan. 1902. Colorado Springs, 

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Biography 5 


The life of John Milton. London, 1698. 
Amyntor; or, a defence of Milton's Life. 
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Contains: The compleat history of Icon basilike. 

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Chief Later Biography 

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The life of Milton; to which are added con- 
jectures on the origin of Paradise lost. 2d ed. 
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6 Topical Bibliography of Milton 

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John Milton. London, 1855. 

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The fint volume was revised in 188 1» and in 1894 the Index was 
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8 Topical Bibliography of Milton 

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lo Topical Bibliography of Milton 


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See also Dictionary of national biography. 

Cultural Influences 

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Literary Interests 

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Musical Interests 

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At St Paul's School 

English Schools of the Seventeenth Century 

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12 Topical Bibliography of Milton 

Autobiographical References 
Ad patrem. 1632. 
Familiar letters, 2, 3, 5. 1628, 1634. 

For information regarding Alexander Gill see D. Masson: 
The life of John Milton^ lndex» and also the Dictionary of 
national biography. 

General References 

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At Cambridge 

Cambridge in Milton's Time 
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Autobiographical References 

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1628, 1628, 1634. 

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General References 

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Reprint of article in vol. 14. See p. 12. 

Milton s Cambridge Exercises 

Latin poem for the "Respondent." 1674. / . 

See D. Masson: The life of John Milton. i» pp. 193-203. 

Prolusiones oratorix. 1674. 

See D. Masson: The life of John Milton, i, pp. 272-307. The 
sixth Prolusio'contained: At a vacation exercise. 

At Horton 

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Through Travel 

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14 Topical Bibliography of Milton 


Crudities. London, 1611. 

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commonly undertaken by the gentlemen of 
our nation. London, 1617. 

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ed. E. Hawkins. London, 1844. 

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Elizabeth and James I. London, 1865. . 

Autobiographical References 
Ad Mansum. 1638. 

Milton's Minor Poems 15 

Ad Salsillum poetam Romanum segrotantem. 


Literary addresses from Milton's Italian friends are published 
in editions of the poems and by D. Masson: The life of John 
Milton» I, pp. 78a-«7, 805-06. 1858, 188 1. 

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Miscellaneous References 

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|va ^ / 1881. 

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On the singing of Leonora Baroni. 

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Manuscript Copies 

The Cambridge manuscript 

, Ramblings in the elucidation of the autograph 
' of Milton. S. L. Sotheby. London, 1861. 

Contains a facsimile of the Cambridge manuscript. The manu- 
script includes Milton's English poems written between the 

i6 Topical Bibliography of Milton 

years 1633 and 1645 and also the first drafts of Paradise lost. 
A full account of it is given in D. Masson: The life of John 
Milton, I, p. 569, n.; 2, pp. 104-21. See also £. Gosse: The 
Milton manuscripts of Trinity. Man., 85, pp. 586-93, 1900, 
and L. £. Lockwood: Milton's correcdons to the Minor 
poems. M. L, N., 25, pp. 21-25. 1910. 

Facsimile of the manuscript of Milton's Minor 
poems preserved in the library of Trinity Col- 
lege, Cambridge. Cambridge, 1899. 


See above, The Cambridge manuscript. 
The Bridgewater manuscript; the stage copy. 
In: Comus, a mask. ed. H. J. Todd. Canter- 
bury, 1798. 

Milton's Comus, being the Bridgewater manu- 
script, with notes and a short family memoir 
by the Lady Alix Egerton. London, 1910. 

An account of an original autograph sonnet by 
' John Milton, contained in a copy of Mel Heli- 
conium, written by A. Rosse, 1642, in the pos- 
session of W. Tite. London, 1859. 

First Editions 

An epitaph on the admirable dramatic poet 
W. Shakespeare. 1630. 

Printed in the second folio edition of Shakespeare's plays, 1632. 

Comus. A maske presented at Ludlow Castle, 
1634: on Michaelmasse Night, before the Right 
Honorable, John, Earle of Bridgewater, Vi- 
count Brackly. London, 1637. 
Lycidas. In: Justa Edouardo King naufrago, 
ab amicis moerentibus amoris. Cambridge, 1638. 

Milton's Minor Poems 

Poems of Mr. John Milton, both English and 
Latin, cotnpos'd at several times. London, 1645. 
Poems, etc. upon several occasions. By Mr. John 
Milton: both English and Latin. . . . With a 
small Tractate of education to Mr. Hartlib. 
London, 1673. 

Chief Later Editions 
Warton, T. (ed.) 

Poems upon several occasions, English, Italian, 
and Latin, with translations. . . . Notes criti- 
cal and explanatoty. London, 1785. 

The enlarged second edition appeared in 1791. 

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New York, 1910. 

The editions of Mr. Verity are listed under the 

separate poems. 

1 8 Topical Bibliography of Milton 

Individual Poems 
Psalms 114 and 136 


Considerations on Milton's early reading and 
the prima stamina of Paradise lost. London, 
Aubrey, J. 

Collections for the life of Milton. London, 

See p. xl, edition of L. E. Lockwood. 

On Shakespeare 
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PP- 34^50. 1913- 

A discussion of " starre-ypointing." See also N, and ^.i 
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sance. London, 1873. 

Suggestive as collateral reading. 

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nativity. N. andS^.y 9. 11, pp. 88, 193, 475; 
12, p. 56. 1902-03. 

Milton's Minor Poems 19 

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Christ's nativity. 

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60. 1913. 

V allegro and II penseroso 

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L'allegro, II penseroso, and Lycidas. 2 v. 
Cambridge, 1891. 

Elton, O. (ed.) 
L'allegro and II penseroso. Oxford, 1893. 
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\. - 

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Some of the sonnets were written in Milton's early life; others belong 
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